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February 21, 2011
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Chapter 4: You

You sat there, listening to the strange woman tell her story, how she was transformed by the same man who had just tried to kill you a few minutes ago. How she had been accepted into the organization immediately because of this. How the organization was specially trained for the single purpose of hunting and exterminating vampires who posed a threat to people. As you sat there listening to her speak, you began to form the opinion that she was the type of person you could very easily become friends with. She reminded you of yourself in some respects, although she seemed to be a little more timid and soft-spoken than you usually were.

She finished her story with a small mention and description of the leader, Sir Integra Hellsing. She was the woman you had briefly met when being helped to the trucks by the soldiers. She seemed to be stern, strong, powerful. She seemed like the type of person who would be the leader of what was basically an assassin's organization. Even as Seras finished a single question burned in your mind.

"But...why did he...Alucard? Why did he attack me? If he's supposedly working for Integra wouldn't know, not try to kill people?" you asked. She looked uncomfortable, glancing at the floor.

"I'm not sure." She admitted. "That's never happened before. I've never seen my master act like that, ever. He usually has more control than that. Sir Integra doesn't know either." You must have had an alarmed expression, because she looked up at you and hastily tried to amend what she had said. "But she has complete control over him, you'll be completely safe while we're trying to figure this out." You nodded to yourself.

"Hmm. Alright."

"Oh, we're here." Seras announced, relieved. You looked out the window to see ornate wrought iron gates, and beyond them a large mansion. It wasn't anything too large, just a basic mansion size. It didn't need size though, something about it just emanated power. You gazed up at it, in a kind of awe.

"That's the Hellsing mansion?" you asked, and she nodded, apparently not impressed with it anymore.


As the vans pulled in, Seras and one of the other soldiers helped you out, as weak as you still were. You were half carried half dragged through the grand front doors and into the large building, looking around with widened eyes at all the paintings and decorations lining the walls.

"Where are we taking her?" the soldier asked from your left. From your right Seras looked at him, then let go of your arm with one of her hands to grab a walkie-talkie. Holding it up, she spoke quickly and simply.

"Walter. We need a place to put a human survivor for recovery and rest. Special measures must be taken..." she paused, then said one more thing, "Alucard attacked her." There was silence at the other end for a moment, then a voice responded, hard to make out from the bad quality of the walkie-talkie, but the sound of his voice conjured a picture of some old wealthy British aristocrat, one who sat by his fireplace all day sipping tea.

"Take her to the second floor, third door on the left from the east wing staircase." He said, and Seras nodded to herself, taking a second to readjust her grip on you.

"Thank you, we will proceed there immediately. Anything else?"

"No. You may retire to your rooms after she is settled."

"Thank you." She said to the device, reattaching it to her belt and turning her attention back to you and the soldier helping you.

"Come on." She said to him, taking lead toward a staircase. When your group reached it, your helpers paused, the soldier groaning and Seras sighing.

"Stairs. Right." She said, pausing to think. She turned to you, biting a bit at her lip. "Would you mind much if I just carried you the rest of the way? It would be faster and...quite frankly much more comfortable." You thought about it. You had just met her, and she was a vampire, but looking into her crimson eyes you didn't see any ill intentions. You liked her, and you felt like you could trust her. Not necessarily completely yet, but enough to agree to let her carry you.

"Alright." She nodded, turning to the soldier.

"You are dismissed. Go and see if there are any weapons that need unloading or anything else that needs to be dealt with." He saluted.

"And if there is anything that needs to be done?" he asked, and she looked at his exasperatedly.

"You ought to know. Get out of here." He saluted again, walking briskly off. Seras rolled her eyes, flashing a sharp smile at you. "They annoy me on purpose. I'm the token vampire chick to them."

"Hmm." You probably would have found that funnier if you had been given more time to accept the existence of vampires in the first place. Admittedly you had been taking it very well considering, and she took notice of this as she picked you up easily, going up the stairs at a brisk pace.

"You know, considering all that's happened to you, you're remarkably calm. When I was almost killed by a vampire I didn't react nearly this well." You did your best to be light, adopting a teasing attitude.

"Yea, well that might have something to do with the fact that you actually were killed. I was lucky enough to avoid that." She laughed once, reaching the top of the stairs.

"Yea, that and Seras Victoria never was one too able to avoid freaking out. I've been called 'highly strung' multiple times, actually. So it's really no surprise. Here we are." With some effort, the young woman shifted the balance of your weight to just one arm, freeing the other arm to open a small door set into the long hallway. She carried you in, careful not to hit your head on the door frame, and set you down standing in the center of the room, keeping a hand on your shoulder as a precaution. You swayed on the spot a bit, but were able to balance yourself and look around.

It was a very nice room, not too fancy, but tidy, clean, and had obviously been decorated with some creative license. There was a four-poster bed against one wall, with a small bedside table to the right of it, closest to the large window opposite the door. There was also a dresser with a mirror, against the wall opposite another door, one which lead to a bathroom. You looked around, admiring your new living place for the time being.

"Wow. It's lovely." You commented, and Seras smiled, looking around too. She had obviously never been in it before.

"Yes it is. Do you need anything else before I leave?"

You stopped short. Right. Leaving. Being alone. You didn't really think about what it would mean when you actually got to your room, but now it seemed obvious. You would be left on your own, in a strange, dark place that was apparently housing a creature that was, for whatever reason, intent on killing you. You shivered at the thought, not really liking to be alone in the first place, now that you thought about it.

"" it would sound stupid, asking for her to stay. She was still a stranger, after all. What comfort could she provide to you? But still, she had basically spilled her life story to you, helped you get to safety, protected you from said creature. What more was there to her, what more did you need to know before you trusted her? As you thought about this, contemplated it and all its aspects, you didn't notice her actions, didn't notice her looking at you, apparently seeing the reluctance in your face at the prospect of being left alone.

"Would you like me to stay with you?" she asked you, snapping you back out of your thoughts. Before you got a chance to think about it with your head, analyze it further with how well you knew her and how much a danger she could pose, your heart answered through your lips with the answer it desired.

"Yes, actually." You admitted, then quickly tried to cover for your weakness. " sounds weak, but I really don't want to be left alone. I don't want to be a burden though..." you trailed off, and she smiled kindly.

"It's no burden. I don't have anything else to do tonight, no more missions. I don't mind keeping you company. You seem like a nice person, ******. You're not weak." You smiled when she said this, surprised at her steadfast willingness to stay with you.

"Thank you." You said, taking a shaky step forward. You seemed more able to walk on your own now, and you carefully made use of this regained ability in getting to your bed, sitting down with a sigh. "Sometimes I just need someone to talk to." She nodded.

"I know what you mean. I've been here for a while now, and haven't really had a really close friend I could talk to. Master doesn't understand me at all, the soldiers are just men, nothing more. Sir Integra and Walter...they're just Sir Integra and Walter. They don't have time." She looked up at you, smiling suddenly. "I know I've just met you, ******, but it's nice to have someone to talk to for once." After a few seconds a crease lined her forehead and she looked at you, brow furrowed. "But all I've done is talk about me. What about you? What's your story?"

"My story?" you repeated, wary. There wasn't much to tell, really. Nothing much had happened to you that was worth telling up to this point, but whatever. You shrugged to yourself. You might as well tell her.

"Well, I was a regular girl living in New York..."
Yes, so it seems pretty long to me, but what do I know?

Anyway, pretty self-explanatory. Just getting to your room and getting to know and make friends with Seras a little. As I was writing this, I kind of thought that Seras was talking a little too much about herself (but that's probably just my imagination) so now it ends with the beginning of "your" story. Sorry to those who are sitting at their computer's going: "But I don't live in New York and I never have!"
Look, if you're gonna be hangin' with the people of Hellsing in the Hellsing manor-house, they're gonna want to know more about you, and I have to have you tell them something. Besides, I'm one of the people putting my name where the asterisks are, and I've never been to New York in my life. I'm on the completely opposite side of the US from it! So just make do with it and be happy
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Yes please continue this story it's really interesting
this story is incredible! please continue!!!
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Ah! Please continue! I love this story so far! >w<
This is really good! I can't wait to see what happens next and find out why Alucard went nuts all of a sudden :D
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Cool ^w^
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kemonekko123 May 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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